Friday, July 8, 2011

All About Lions

I made a photo book with pictures I've taken of lions from the Pittsburgh Zoo and Living Treasures Animal Park. I put in facts that are displayed around the zoo display. I figure it will be a fun way to help the kids learn about our favorite zoo animals since we go all the time. And it's nice to actually do something with my photos.

Have a look. :)
(I can't figure out how to get it to embed. If you want to see the full book you can go to this link... All About Lions)

I plan to make a book about elephants next.

After that I will do gorillas if I have enough photos and then a book with just a bunch of the other animals we see every time.

For my photo books I use They always send out codes to get free photo books of different sizes. That means I only pay shipping. $8 for a 20 page 8x8 photo book is a great deal!

And I found out they have great customer service. I placed three separate orders for this book because my sisters-in-law wanted a copy and instead of paying shipping twice I just placed separate orders and mailed directly to them. Well after placing those three orders I realized a spelling mistake... after proof reading a gazillion times and having three other people proof as well! (If there are any more mistakes PLEASE don't tell me haha.) So... I realized the mistake about ten minutes after ordering. I immediately emailed customer service asking if I could cancel the orders so that the mistake could be corrected and then reorder.

Within about five minutes I had heard back from them. They canceled all three orders and credited my account with free shipping so I wouldn't be charged again. Very nice of them!

I fixed the mistake and reordered. is a GREAT place to make photo books!

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