Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Allyson 2012

I met Allyson a while ago when we were scheduled to be in the church nursery together. When she told me she was going to be a senior I told her I would love to do her photos. And I did just that. :)

We did the photo shoot at her house which mostly worked out. She lives in the woods and it was cloudy so we didn't have a lot of good light. Thankfully half way through the sun came out and we got some great shots.

Allyson is beautiful and was easy to photograph. I had a great time and I told her mom that I might have to call them up some time to see if it's alright to use their field and barn for other photo shoots. It all worked out quite nicely.


IMG_5060 copy
(There is a first for everything. Never did a photo with a horse before... and this one wasn't very cooperative.)

IMG_5081 copybw

IMG_5103 copy

IMG_5133 copy
IMG_5115 copy

IMG_5180 copy

IMG_5221 copy

IMG_5209 copybw

Allyson wanted some pictures of her texting... it's what teens do these days.
IMG_5200 copy

IMG_5181 copy

IMG_5143 copy

IMG_5120 copy

IMG_5160 copybw

IMG_5223 copybw
So... I'm totally in love with the barn and the little window and I loved that Allyson challenged me with props and animals. I've got some work to do and things to learn but you have to start somewhere!
Thanks for being beautiful Allyson!

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