Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Butterfly Snacks

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You guys... this is such a simple thing and will make you look like super mom without actually having to be super mom.

I needed a snack for Liza to take to school... but the kids wouldn't be eating it there. They would be taking it home. I had remembered seeing the butterfly snacks online somewhere. Probably Pinterest. I have no idea where though so I can't give credit. Oh well.

They need to be shared because I seriously got soooo many compliments on my awesome little snack.

Here's how they go...

1. Put one cup of fruit loops into a zippy sandwich bag and close the bag.

IMG_5792 1

2. Twist a pipe cleaner around the middle.

IMG_5795 1

3. Add a clothes pin.

IMG_5797 1

Super cute butterfly snack that will have all the other moms thinking you are awesome and super crafty!

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