Friday, September 30, 2011

Farm Tour 2011

Last Saturday happened to be an absolutely gorgeous day... which was a good thing since me, Liza and Jason were looking forward to the annual farm tour! Each year four farms are open for touring. You drive yourself around and view at your own pace. The kids love seeing the animals and the tractors.

This year we actually made it to all four stops and we really enjoyed our day.

There was umm... picking corn off the cob? What do you call it?

IMG_5804 1

IMG_5811 1

Digging for potatoes.

IMG_5805 1

IMG_5815 1

We checked out the chickens and spotted a few eggs.

IMG_5830 copy

We learned about different tractors and how they are used on the farm.

IMG_5834 copy

IMG_5838 1

IMG_5844 1

There were kittens...

IMG_5854 copy

...and Liza got to hold one.

IMG_5859 1

Liza would have picked the corn off the cob all day long.

IMG_5882 1

This was a miniature farm display... it was really large and really awesome.

IMG_5886 1

And the kids got to ride on the little tractors.

Check out Liza's tongue!

IMG_5911 1

IMG_5914 1

We had a really great time and I look forward to going again next year!

IMG_5892 copy

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