Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Finally Did It!

A few weeks ago a friend called me up. She knew I crocheted and she wanted some hats for her baby. I got to work.

I posted pics of them on facebook for her and I've been crocheting my fingers off ever since.

The orders just kept coming in and people were wanting to know where they could find the hats. I finally decided it was time to just start up a page on Facebook.

I've got all kinds of hats and I only do custom orders. That means that you get to pick the kind of hat, the colors that you want and you get a hat that actually fits. A lot of moms are finding out that their kids heads are a lot bigger than they thought they were. :)

The orders keep coming in and I just keep making hats.

Check out some of the hats I've been making...
IMG_5782 1

IMG_5780 1

IMG_5590 1


IMG_5446 1

9-19-2011 277
(My awesome nephew Caleb modeling his new sock monkey hat!)

And my latest which can be made in any colors...

IMG_5790 1

Stop on over to Wix-Works to get all the info!

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