Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look what we got!!

IMG_5487 copy

Actually, we have three of them. :)
IMG_5486 copy

And these guys can EAT! It's quite fascinating to watch them.
If you ask the kids they will tell you that we have some Steelers caterpillars. After all... they are in Steelers colors! They even named the first one we found Palomalu. Smart kids.

We had kind of given up on finding more caterpillars. During the summer we had read that you find them on milkweed usually during the second half of July and August. We kept going back and looking and never finding anything. But then my mom and dad called up saying they had found about eight in one day. A few weeks later they called saying they found more. So we went back out looking and I am so glad that we did!
These three are nice and fat so they should all be in a chrysalis soon. Then it's just a two week wait for BUTTERFLIES!!

I love butterflies.

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