Friday, October 7, 2011

The 5th Quarter

A few weeks ago Mike and I watched the movie The 5th Quarter... and it made me think. A lot.

It's based on a true story where an almost 16 year old boy was killed by reckless teenage driving. His brother, John Abatte, was a football player in college and in honor of his brother he continued in his football career and led his team to victory. It's a good, touching story. One that I am glad that is being told.

But the real reason that I am glad it is being told is because it changed me and I am sure it can change others as well.

You see, when Luke Abatte was killed in that car accident his family made the decision to have his organs donated. Luke's organs saved five lives. One of those lives was a single mother. She got his heart and was able to continue living and taking care of her children.

And that got me to thinking. I wasn't currently an organ donor but it was just days before I had to renew my driver's license. By the end of the movie I was convinced that I would become an organ donor.

It was a simple decision. Someday someone I love may need an organ. How selfish of me to hope that someone would be willing to donate their organs for someone I love while I decided to keep mine to myself. How could I hope that if I or one of my kids or someone else important to me ever needed an organ that it would be there but not willing to make mine available for someone else?

I couldn't do that.

And so the other day I went to have my license renewed and right under my picture it now clearly says "organ donor."

Mike became an organ donor as well.

While the movie wasn't the best I've seen or the most well done and the first half hour was an all out sob-fest that left my with a crying headache... it did achieve it's goal which is to:
  • Raise awareness among teenagers and parents about the life-and-death consequences of teenage driving.
  • Raise awareness among teenagers and parents about the life-saving gift of organ donation.
Learn more about the Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation.

Learn more about being an organ donor.

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