Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Bladen 3 Month Pics!

Soooo... First I did the belly pictures.
Then I gave my friend Sarah her baby shower gift which was lots of free photo shoots.
Then baby Bladen was born and he was sooo tiny at 5 pounds. And we did his newborn shoot. So tiny...

IMG_3315 copy

And just a week ago we did Bladen's three month old shoot. :)

IMG_6347 copy

He has definitely grown some baby pudge and I LOVE it!
IMG_6303 copy

IMG_6276 copybw

Sarah made matching hats for Daddy and Bladen. Super cute!
IMG_6260 copybw

IMG_6239 copy

IMG_6285 copy

IMG_6342 copybw

IMG_6349 copy-1

IMG_6367 copy

IMG_6331 copy

IMG_6353 copybw

He's adorable!! And it will be interesting to have our next shoot be in the dead of winter. I really need a studio.

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