Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hunky Husband!!

Today is Michael's birthday!!

In honor of his birthday I am going to tell you all how awesome he is. :)

IMG_5941 copy

Michael is patient. I'm a bit crazy... kind of often. But he's ok with that. He's patient and loves me through all of my weaknesses. Seriously guys... I can't imagine having to live with someone like myself!

He gives me security. I know that he loves me. He is honest and he is true. He's not going anywhere.

He's dedicated to the family. Michael works hard six days a week doing physical labor but when he comes home he is present. He pitches in with the cooking and cleaning and he always makes time to "tease" with the kids. (We somehow ended up calling wrestling teasing in this house and it happens at least once a day for a good amount of time.)

Michael is my best friend. Many friends have come and gone throughout the years. Mike is the ONLY ONE that has stayed no matter how hard, awkward or complicated things got. And that means more to me than anything else.

I love Mike ton!

Happy birthday hunky husband! Thanks for giving me this...

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