Friday, November 25, 2011


The kids crack me up with their mispronunciations.

Liza has a list of words that she has a bit off. Here are some sentences you might hear coming from her mouth...

"I need some restruction paper."

"What do the rerections say?"

"You don't even restand what I am trying to say!"

Liza loves Garbies, Q Bears and the Distain Bears.

The other day she said to me "This needs to go in the crash. It's broken."

Jason has some things a little mixed up as well. The other day he requested "awfuls" for breakfast. And that same evening he was having "girled cheese" for dinner.

My favorite from Jason is when he says "I have an i-good-dea!"

And I love when he says "I need a kissue."

They both looove "olliepops".

And neither of them will ever say no to "bessert". Promise!

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