Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Kids Are Awesome!

The other day I woke up and had one of the most spectacular mornings ever.

Jason was awake and in his bed singing. It went something like this...

ba ba ba bababa ba baaa RAWWWRRRRR!
ba babababa baaa ba ba babababa baaaa ba ba RAWWWWRRRRR!

Over and over and over.

Jason sings the coolest songs ever. :)

One time he fully entertained us with a song that had only one word. That word? Towel.

And then there was Liza.

Her classroom has a stuffed lion and all the kids get to take their turn bringing home Linus the Lion for a week. After having him for a week they get to tell their class all the fun things that Linus got to do. Well, we have a rule. It's no sleeping with Linus. I just don't know where this lion has been!

So... Liza made a bed for him on the floor near her bed.

That night we tucked Liza in and when we checked her at 10:00 before going to bed ourselves she was sound asleep in her bed.

In the morning I peeked in and this is what I found...

IMG_6223 1

Sound asleep on the floor with Linus.

It made me smile. We only have Linus for a week. If she wants to find her way to the floor with him in the middle of the night then so be it.

My kids are awesome. 

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