Monday, October 3, 2011

A Night Out in the City- WICKED!

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Mike's parents have a social group at their church that goes out for dinner and show in Pittsburgh a few times a year. You purchase all your tickets (parking, meal, show) ahead of time and then all go down together. They had bought all their tickets to go see Wicked but some things came up and they were unable to go so they gave Mike and I their tickets!! (Super generous!!)

I had never been to a musical before. Well... I've seen high school and college productions and they were good but... yeah. Well let me just tell you about my night. :) I know the pictures aren't the greatest but I wasn't trying to take great pictures. I just took my point and shoot and wanted some quick snapshots of my night out.

Ready to go...

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We are about an hour from the city so we headed out on our rainy drive. Hello Pittsburgh!

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We had parking right across from the theater and just two blocks from the restaurant. We ate at McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant.

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The food was REALLY gooood. And that's a good thing because while I realize that we were a very large group I should have got my food sometime before the rest of my table was done eating. They brought the four other plates out and I sat there with nothing. They served everyone else and I still didn't have my food. I was so hungry and their food looked so good and I had nothing to eat. I was getting pretty frustrated. We asked about my food a few times and they said they were getting it. I honestly think they just totally missed my order and all I got was a simple "sorry about that" when my food came. SO... excellent food... unorganized staff. Because two people at my table didn't get their dessert either and we had to ask for that as well. 
But that wasn't going to ruin my night. My food did come and it was HOT... not the "sitting under a warming light" kind of warm but HOT of the grill kind of hot. Kind of made up for it being late. It was delicious.

After dinner we took the rainy walk back to the theater.

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Wicked was at the Benedum Center.

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I had never been there but the building is absolutely gorgeous! So rich and fancy!

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And Wicked!! Oh my! I know it's the only show I've ever been to but I am certain that it will always remain my favorite! It was such a fabulous "first show" experience. I was just mesmermized the entire time. It went by way too quickly and I want to go again!

I LOVE the story! I love the green witch! What a beautiful character. I was rooting for her the entire time. Elphaba was different. She didn't fit the mold in any way. She wasn't afraid to stand up for what was right. She cared for others even when they didn't care about her. And in being different she was able to change others as well. Just by being Elphaba she made others want to be better. She was beautiful and her true beauty made even her green body appear more beautiful with each passing minute of the show.

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So... this was my first musical experience and I am certain that it won't be my last. I am completely hooked and brainstorming ways to make more money or work it in to our budget to go at least once a year.

And every time I go in to Pittsburgh I fall in love with the city more and more. It's time to start taking some more trips down there and discovering more fun things to do.

Thank you Nancy and Roger for being so generous and giving us your tickets! It was a wonderful way to celebrate our birthdays and my heart is full today.

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