Thursday, October 20, 2011

Polar Bear!!

If you've been reading here for a while then I'm sure you've read my posts about my zoo trips. And I'm sure that in those posts you noticed how I just wanted to see the polar bears swim while I was standing in the tunnel. And then how I JUST missed it several times as I arrived at the tunnel just in time to see the bears climb out of the water. Then one day I actually got to see them IN the water from the tunnel... but for only a short moment.

Well! Today was FINALLY the day!!

Mike didn't work today because it is cold and it was supposed to rain. However, when he looked at the radar he realized it wouldn't be raining much and decided we should get up and go to the zoo. It was a risk but I am so glad we took it!

Was it cold? YES!
Did we get rained on? A little bit.
Was it worth it?? Absolutely!!

We had gone through a lot of the zoo and saw lots of the animals out playing. We went through the aquarium and walked past the polar bears. Nothing exciting going on. We walked through the polar bear tunnel and then stopped for lunch in an open indoor area just on the other side of the tunnel. From our spot we could see some of the tunnel and as I finished my lunch I looked up and got super excited because THE POLAR BEAR WAS SWIMMING!!

I ran to the tunnel. My family followed. And we spent the next ten minutes in the tunnel ALONE watching the polar bears swim!

Awesome! Fascinating! So cool!

IMG_7058 copy

IMG_7061 copy

IMG_7074 copy

IMG_7073 copy

IMG_7080 copy

IMG_7083 1

 He had a beat up, bone lookin toy that he carried around.

IMG_7084 copy

Liza and Jason finishing up their lunch and watching the polar bear swim.
IMG_7088 copy

I was pretty excited!
IMG_7095 copy

IMG_7105 copy

IMG_7107 copy

So fun!!! And to have the moment all to ourselves... awesome!

See... empty tunnel...

IMG_7057 1

Just us. :)

It's one of those moments where I felt like God was saying "I love you." It was truly a gift today.

Now I need something else to look forward to when I go to the zoo... seeing the elephants swim? I hear that it's fun.

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