Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rails to Trails

My friend Kim was always talking about how she and her kids would hit the rails to trails in the mornings. I had no idea where it was but one morning I needed something to do so we got together and took the kids. FUN!

It was a beautiful fall morning and we just enjoyed nature and each others company.

IMG_6478 1

You will never come across Liza on a hike without flowers, leaves, rocks or some other "treasure" in her hands. She's obsessed.

Three very silly kids...

IMG_6443 copy

There was lots of running... by the kids. I don't run.
IMG_6452 1

Jason was yelling "c'mon Yiza!"
IMG_6462 1

IMG_6464 1

IMG_6551 copy

I am in love with Jason's current on demand smile...
IMG_6547 1

And these faces make my  heart so happy...
IMG_6456 copy

I love that Kim and I have become such good friends! We met at the gym quite a while ago and these days we see each other outside of the gym much more than we see each other inside of it. Good thing too since I'm canceling my membership.

And I'm so glad that I finally know where the rails to trails is! The kids and I took Mike the other day. It's a great way to get some family time together.

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