Friday, October 28, 2011

Train Up Your Child: Demonstrate Good Choices

You didn’t think that I would possibly leave the actions of the parents out of this one did you? I mean I could only talk to the kids about making good choices for so long before my own bad choices became glaringly obvious.

I am constantly thinking now about my decisions. If my kids are acting up and I get angry and yell was that a good decision or a bad one?

If something happens and I let it rule my mood and emotions is that a good choice or a bad choice?

How many choices do I make in a day?!!?

Am I giving my children opportunities to make choices?

Choices! Choices! Choices!

Honestly… there have been days where I say to Mike “If I have to talk about choices one more time!” It’s tough! I often sound like a broken record. But my kids don’t fully have it down yet so I can’t stop.

Anyways… back to me.

I need to be modeling good choices to my kids. I won’t always get it right and I think it is important that when I get it wrong I apologize for making a bad/poor choice and talk to them about it.

Not only have I been changing how I discipline, but as a result of the changes in discipline I am changing the way I live.

And it’s been good.

Give it a try with your kids. It could change your whole family!

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