Monday, October 31, 2011

Train Up Your Child: Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours!

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours is a book by Dr. Kevin Leman and I LOVE IT!

There is so much practical, do-able parenting advice on it’s pages. It makes sense and I am certain that if done right it will work and work well.

It goes right along with what I have been talking about in training up your children. This book will help you learn practical ways to train them.

In the book Leman discusses the differences between using reward/punishment and using encouragement/discipline. He gives plenty of examples to help you understand how what he calls “reality discipline” works.

What is reality discipline? Letting reality BE the discipline. Children need to have the freedom to make choices and learn from reality.

Leman says “If ‘punishment,’ pain, or some kind of consequence is involved, the parent is not doing it or causing it--reality is. Your child is learning how the real world works.”

This book is absolutely spectacular. You should get it and read it!

We've actually been applying the things I learned is this book for a while now. It's teaching the kids how to take responsibility for their actions and think things through. They are learning about positive and negative consequences. This book has brought about some really great changes in our house.

And one more note about the book... I've been looking for a way to start using an allowance but I always hated the idea of paying kids to do something that they should be doing simply because they are a part of the family. Making Kids Mind Without Losing Yours has my answer! It gives great advice on how to use an allowance.

I've read a lot of parenting books and this has by far been my favorite. I'll be recommending it like I recommend Babywise!  I'll  also be doing a giveaway real soon where the lucky winner will receive a copy of this book!

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