Thursday, October 27, 2011

Train Up Your Child: More on Choices

Here is another example where we have been able to teach our kids about choices. It is more about their emotions and whether or not they let silly things rule how they feel.

Jason will often say something like “Are we going somewhere today?” When I tell him no he will then say “But that won’t make me happy.”

Seriously! This kid kills me! It’s sooo cute how he says it but what a great opportunity to teach him something.

This is how I like to respond:

“I’m sorry that we don’t have somewhere to go today. It’s fun to go places but some days it’s good to just stay at home. I hope you choose to be happy anyway today.”

And you know what? He GETS it! He really does. Sometimes he’s so funny because he’ll go “Oh! I am going to be happy!” And then he does a big, forced, cheesy smile. But he IS choosing to be happy and not let whether or not we go somewhere affect his mood.

Good choices make life better!

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