Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's New with Wix-Works

You guys!!!

I seriously am in awe of how my hobby has taken off. And I fully believe a lot of it had to do with divine timing. Someday I'll share more details. :)

I wanted to show you some things that are new at Wix-Works since the last time I posted... just because I think they are awesome and I want to show you my cool work. 

Ok... this first hat is not actually for sale because of trademark legal stuff and all that but I just LOVE it so much. I made it as a favor for a friend.

IMG_5799 1

This girly monster hat rocks!!
IMG_6096 1

I'm now making sock monkey hats in all sizes but these next two were made for babies. OH MY GOSH!!! I hope the people who bought them send in photos because I want to see them on a head!!
IMG_6218 1

IMG_7607 copy

Owls are definitely in right now.
IMG_6220 copy

It's football season!!
IMG_6746 copy

IMG_5790 1

Monster hats are still one of my most popular items.
IMG_7609 copy

And my most recent hat is the snowflake one.
IMG_7610 copy

I've also just added in my barrettes that I actually started selling last year. The flowers can be made in several different colors and three different sizes.

12-1-2010 hair bows

And new to Wix-Works are these cute little bow barrettes...
IMG_7617 copy

Super cute!!
IMG_7625 copy

And lastly, I've added an album with already made headbands that are ready for purchase.
IMG_7636 copy

IMG_7633 copy

I've been crocheting my fingers off due to constant orders. People are starting to order Christmas gifts now and the orders coming in are for several hats at a time. I have a feeling I'm going to be busy for a while. :) I'm ok with that!
You can check out Wix-Works on Facebook if you want more details!

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