Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Work It Out

Whenever the kids are fighting over something I tell them to sit down and work it out.

It's always interesting to listen to them.

We just walked to the movie store and they both got to pick out a movie. We came home, they got their jammies on and I told them we could start one of the movies. They both insisted that we watch the one they picked so I told them to work it out and let me know when they did.

And then I listened. :)

Liza started by saying that "sometimes we have to let other people pick their movie and it's been a long long long time since I got to pick one."

Jason responds with "But I want to watch mine."

They go back and forth for a while and finally Liza says "Jason, if you let me pick mine I will be so so proud."

Jason gave a long sigh and said "okaaay."

Liza 1.
Jason 0.

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