Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Too Early For Christmas Music


Stop it with the Christmas music!

I've been hearing it for two weeks now. First it started in the stores. And it cracks me up how so many people are all "I love when they start playing Christmas music in the stores!" The only reason they start so early is because they do their little studies that show if you play Christmas music in your store people will get all in the Christmas spirit and spend more time in your store which means they are likely to spend more money.

It's all about the money.

The other day I started hearing it on just about every radio station.

Blah! It's not even Thanksgiving!! Can't we have one holiday at a time please??!?!?

You know... I was thinking about it. I really don't like Christmas music and I think the reason is because by the time I would be able to appreciate it (about two weeks before Christmas) I am already tired of it because it's been playing for a month.

Christmas is a holiDAY! Not a holi-two-month-long-event.

That said...

We went to our towns annual Christmas parade this morning.

IMG_8797 copy

IMG_8882 1

Still not big on the idea of Christmas before Thanksgiving but the kids had a great time and came home with loads of candy.

But please... can we hold off a little longer on the music?? I'm not ready to have Christmas songs stuck in my head all the time yet.

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