Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liza's Wish List

Shopping for the kids gets harder and harder every year. And then I have people asking me for ideas for the kids and I freak out a little bit because I don't even know what I am going to get them!

I decided to get on that last night and get some stuff done. Mike and I got a babysitter and headed to Toys R Us. I wasn't leaving until I at least had plenty of ideas but my hope was to go home and be done with Christmas shopping. I think I accomplished that.

So while I call this Liza's Wish List she really has no idea that she is wishing for these things. :)

The following are some things she will be finding under the tree this year...

Fisher-Price iXL Learning System
I tried a bunch of different electronic learning thingies out and decided on this one for Liza. She is really into learning to write and sound her letters and this one has a pen which will allow her to write on the screen. It seems to really be at the level she is currently on with plenty of room for her to learn and move forward. It has games, story books, writing activities for letters and numbers. You can also add pictures and draw on them. She'll love it!

Fisher-Price iXL Software- Disney Princess
This will be coming to her from her Grandma. It's a princess add on for her iXL. Liza is in love with all things princess so I'm thinking she will like this.

Imaginarium 4-in-1 Art Activities
Liza loves all things crafty. She has more crayons and markers than she will ever need so it was nice to find an art activity kit that may have a few of those things in it but offered more in the form of "activity". This has spiral art, scratch art (those things we used to make in art class where you color the paper and then paint it black and scratch the black off), stencils, make your own stickers and some kind of "magic" painting thing. I'm sure Liza will have everything used up in a few days but she will love doing it!

Pillow Pet
She has seen these and WANTS ONE!

Because you need them in this house. These laminate wood floors get COLD!

Pretty Pretty Princess
Ummm... Liza THINKS she is a princess so getting to play a game where you try to be the princess should be a big hit with her. I'm sure I'll look lovely playing along.

Well that's most of it. I hope to have time to make her an ugly doll and a super hero cape. We'll see how that goes!

What are you getting your daughter for Christmas this year?

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