Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Crafty Girl!

Liza loooooves all things crafting.

She will sit for hours with paper and glue and scissors and crayons and make all kinds of things. Her imagination is awesome and the things she creates from paper are amazing.

Her latest crafty thing?


She REALLY wants to learn. She asks all the time. Once in a while I would let her sit on my lap and hold the hook and crochet with me but she just wants to know how to do it.

She BEGS me to teach her.

But she's just too young to do it by herself. I don't think her hands could actually do what they need to do.

However, we gave it a try the other day. I still had to help her a little with the holding but if I held a certain spot she could do the rest on her own!

Liza made herself two little crochet chain bracelets with only a little bit of help from me.

IMG_8918 copy

Now she wants one in every color and if I'm not careful she'll be hoarding my scraps!

I hope Liza never tires of crafting because it would be awesome to have that in common with my daughter! I can't wait to do projects WITH her when she is a little bit older!

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