Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singing Toothbrushes...

This past weekend Mike and I left the kids with my parents and came back home. Friday afternoon until Monday morning we were in our own home without kids. Amazing!

Don't get me wrong... I love my kids to pieces. However, a weekend in my own home without them every once in a while... priceless.

Mike and I rented a bunch of movies and just stayed home and watched them all. I got a lot of crafting done while watching them. We ate out. It was such a laid back weekend and it was so necessary. No interruptions. No wiping the kids' butts. No cutting up food and serving meals for others.

Just complete relaxation.

I loved it!

The kids are back now and I definitely am happy to have them back.


Well... we got to my mom's on Thursday night and spent the night there. She had to work till noon on Friday and Mike and I planned to leave when she got back. That morning I went to brush Liza's teeth and realized her toothbrush was looking kind of nasty so I threw it out. When Mom got home I filled her in on the toothbrush situation and asked if she minded getting a new one for Liza at some point. She asked what kind I usually get and I told her that our current kind was the blinking ones but it didn't matter what she got.

When I picked the kids up yesterday morning Mom let me know that she had made a mistake. She thought I had said SINGING toothbrushes haha. SOOO... now Liza has a toothbrush that sings the ABC's and Jason has one that sings some barnyard song about animals. And when they both get to brushing their teeth at the same time... hahahaha. Oh man! Mom and I laughed and laughed about it because Mom knew. She knew it would be annoying but she had really thought I said singing toothbrushes. I didn't even know they made singing toothbrushes!!

Anyways... it's all funny  now but I won't mind if the toothbrushes break any day now. :)

I got a little video of Jason brushing his teeth last night. Halfway through you might hear the ABC song come in because Liza was brushing her teeth too.

This is now what brushing teeth sounds like in our house...

I suppose I can forgive you Mom since you watched the kids all weekend. :)

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