Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Tree

Last year I made a Thankful Tree. I wanted to do it again this year but I didn't want the tree and vase sitting on my table. And there just wasn't another good place for it.

So I had to get creative and come up with a new way to do it. I saw that felt was on sale at Joann this week and decided that was the way to go.

IMG_8732 1

It is actually quite easy to make.
You will need...

*brown felt (about 1/2 yard for tree trunk)
*felt for background (I made mine 28 1/2 inches. Why? Because I folded it until the size looked good and that is what it ended up being.)
*several colors of felt for the leaves
*dowel rod
*string for hanging

Fold over the top of your background piece of felt about two inches and sew straight across. Your dowel rod will go in that space for hanging. (Don't sew? Try hot glue or something.)

I laid out my background piece of felt and then I taped together a couple of pieces of paper so I could sketch my tree.

IMG_8718 1

Now, I'm crafty but I am not artistic. I can copy a simple drawing but I can not make it up in my head. I found the tree on this website and just looked at it while drawing on my paper. I think I did a pretty good job!!

Next I cut the tree out of the paper and then I taped it on the brown that would be the trunk and cut it out. You could probably skip the cutting it out of the paper step and just pin the paper on the brown felt and cut. I just found it to be easiest to cut twice.

IMG_8721 1

Peel the paper off and stick the trunk to your background felt. No sewing needed!

Cut out some leaves and let the kids rearrange them till they grow tired of it.

IMG_8732 1

If you want the words "Give Thanks" just find a font you like, print out the words leaving an extra space between each letter. Cut them into squares, pin to your felt and cut out.

Each night we will talk about what we are thankful for and write it on a leaf. When we are done I will throw the leaves out (and make new next year), peal off the trunk and put it away until next Thanksgiving. Then I will make a Christmas tree out of green felt and stick it to my background. I'll make felt ornaments with the kids and they can decorate and redecorate the tree all they want. (Pretty sure I saw something like that on Pinterest.)

Anyways... we are loving our tree this year!

IMG_8733 1

IMG_8734 1

I'm kinda sorta becoming obsessed with felt. It's pretty awesome stuff!

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