Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Poem

The other day I posted about a Christmas video we recently discovered called Buck Denver asks... Why Do We Call It Christmas? In the bonus features Buck Denver shares a little poem and I loved it so I had Mike run the remote while I typed it out...

Good Day America. This is Buck Denver with a Christmas poem.

My favorite time of year is here
with Christmas joy and Christmas cheer
as children grin from ear to ear
and families from afar draw near.

The stores they sell
The shoppers buy
packages and boxes fly
to songs we know so well and why?
They've been playing since July

As Rudolf scampers on TV
we stack our booty 'round the tree
and if we bought excessively
we'll just tap home equity

Then later lying midst the toys
with sugar coma-ed girls and boys
in brand new shirts and corduroys
we wonder if we hear a noise

A baby crying in the night
as camels stamp their hooves in fright
no TV show no neon light
to welcome him that Christmas night

He came to earth for you and me
he saw what we were meant to be
a diaper wrapped divinity
who gave his life to set us free

so put your iPod on the shelf
turn off that show about the elf
say this as the candles glow
"Jesus loves me this I know."

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