Monday, December 12, 2011

Eight Minute Photo Shoot With Michael

Mike needed a nice picture of himself for... something... I'll tell you all about it sometime soon. I'm kindasorta dying with excitement but in time... in time.

Are you curious?

Too bad! You are still going to have to wait. Not too much longer now though. :)

Anyways... the picture needed done. It was freezing. And Mike can be one of the hardest people for me to photograph. I can get other people to get some real smiles going but Mike is hard to crack. I finally found my groove with him though and yay! Some really nice pics (at least I think so!) of my hunky husband.

The trick? If I said or did something slightly shocking I would get this look...

IMG_9498 bw

...which would eventually turn into this... 

IMG_9500 copy

I like. :)

IMG_9489 copybw

IMG_9484 1

IMG_9485 copybw

IMG_9497 copy

IMG_9522 copybw

Real smiles people. Real smiles. They make the picture.

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