Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everyone Needs a Friend Like Kim

I know I've been writing a lot about friends this past week but that's what my week has consisted of.

And I feel like my friend Kim (A Fresh Perspective) deserves a post dedicated completely to her.

IMG_6401 1

I met Kim at the gym a few years ago now. We were going to the same aerobics classes and eventually started talking. We realized we had a ton in common and started getting together outside of the gym.

Kim has been a great friend from the beginning.

She is mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. Thoughtful of others and kind. Generous. Honest and trustworthy. Loyal. Understanding and forgiving.

 IMG_9220 1

When I told Kim about my plan to fly Melissa up here instead of her response simply being "Awesome! Can't wait to meet her too!" (because they have become friends as well)... her response was actually "Awesome! I'll help with the plane ticket." Wow! I did not expect that at all! But she did. She paid a large chunk of it lessening the cost to me.

Kim is a great friend! The kind of friend that every girl should have.

 IMG_9191 copy1

Thanks for being awesome over the years Kim! I look forward to lots more good conversations, spiritual challenges and memorable laughs with you!

You can check Kim out at A Fresh Perspective. She is an amazing photographer!

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