Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm visiting with family all week and I love it! Almost the entire family is home. Only Lisa and Jeff are missing. And we miss them. It's a full house at Mom and Dad's. 14 people are staying here. It's just a regular sized house so it's a bit crowded. And when Dave drops by with his family there are 18 of us here. Thankfully they live close enough that they don't need to sleep here! Not sure where we would put them.

Anyways... we are having tons of fun! I love my family so much and there are lots of little kids running around now.

Remember my nephew Caleb?? (He's the one I asked you all to pray for when he was born because he needed surgery to fix his esophagus.) He will be 19 months on Monday! Caleb is such a cool kid and he is now able to eat just fine. He's running around and talking a ton! and well... I just love him and all his cuteness!

IMG_9855 1

Could you all keep praying for Caleb please. He has asthma and has to take medicine a couple of times a day. He also has things like eczema that just aren't fun. It would be lovely if he was healed of all of these things. Thanks guys!

My sister Linda decided about a week before Christmas that they were going to be crazy and drive from Florida to PA to be with the family. We didn't tell Mom and Dad that they were coming so that was a really fun surprise when she showed up with her family!

IMG_9874 1

It's always nice to see these little faces. It happens about once a year. But I will be going to Florida for a visit in February.

IMG_9885 copy

IMG_9890 copy

The cousins are having an absolute blast together!

IMG_9923 1

And Mom and Dad are loving having all of their grandkids home at once. It's very rare!

IMG_9932 1

We had to bribe the kids with cookies.

IMG_9943 1

It's loud here. I'm tired. But I'll enjoy a few more days of it all. :)

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