Friday, December 9, 2011

Fitness Friday

Over at Girl Talk we started Fitness Fridays. It's just a day to get some encouragement and accountability with exercise and/or healthy eating/living. I know I always benefit from having friends along for the ride.

I hadn't been exercising or eating well for a while. I just had become soooo bored with it all. Unmotivated. I was in a major funk and well... when you get to the point where your clothes aren't really fitting and it's either buy new clothes or loose a few pounds... I decided to loose a few pounds. It's going to take a lot of work and be a really slow process but at least I am moving again and being conscious of how I eat. (Although... even though I am conscious of how I eat I still need to make some major changes there.)

18 days ago I made a plan. I quit my gym membership because it just wasn't working for me and I wasn't using it. I spent some of the money I would have used to pay a month of membership and bought myself some weights and a yoga mat because who wants to do crunches on a wood floor!?

18 days ago I started the 30 Day Shred.

I hate it. I hate it every. single. day.

But I still do it. Every. single. day.

Today is the 18th day in a row. I'm still on level one. I decided to do level one for 30 days and then move on to level two. I needed to be successful.

There have been many many days where I did not want to do the exercise. Many days where it would have been so easy to quit. But quitting wouldn't move me forward... and I don't like to stay stagnant. So I keep going. And yes... I often complain through the whole twenty minute workout because I just hate exercising so much. But I need to do it.

I'm getting stronger again and I like that. When I started I could hardly do a pushup on my knees but I just kept making myself do the same amount as the day I am on. Today I will do 18 pushups (on my knees.) When I start level two I'll start doing them the normal way.

I also started with two pound weights and now I use three and five pound weights.

I know that sounds weak... but I would rather start where I know I will make it through and add on as I get stronger than start way too heavy and quit because I become discouraged.

So... I hate exercise. I never want to do it. But I am doing it anyways and my body is thanking me.

Honestly... I feel better all around now that I am exercising regularly again. I like it.

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