Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts - 2011 Edition

I love giving gifts but I don't have a lot of money so I end up doing homemade crafty things... and I like it like that. I had a large list of people I wanted to give something to this year... just to say thanks and Merry Christmas and I appreciate you... but the budget was small.

Thanks to Pinterest I came up with something that I think is nice and didn't send me into massive amounts of credit card debt. Actually... I've never had credit card debt and don't ever plan to. I would go without giving Christmas gifts before using the plastic. Just not my style.

Anyways... this is about giving and not how stupid and destructive credit cards are so back to the topic...

Pinterest. It's where I got my ideas. I kept seeing some super cute coasters and magnets and decided to go for it.

IMG_9530 1

IMG_9527 1

These coasters are really simple to make but they do take some time because you have to wait for the mod podge to dry a few times. My house did smell like glue for a few days while making these. I dream of having a craft room some day... or at least a garage for the smelly projects. :)

(Directions on making the coasters.)

After getting started on the coasters I decided that I needed to do the magnets too. Afterall... it was pretty much the same process.

IMG_9534 copy

IMG_9533 1

I stuck big, fat magnets on the back because I can't stand magnets that don't actually hold anything.

(Where I got the magnet idea.)

I packaged them up and gave them away.

IMG_9535 1

I like to give useful gifts. And if the receiver doesn't find them to be useful or they just aren't their taste and style they are more than welcome to regift them. My goal is to bless them and if that means that they now have a gift to give someone else then I did well.

But I love the coasters and I use them in my house. I'll be using the magnets as well as soon as I make some for myself.

If you missed my homemade gifts from last year you can find it here.

And I've already figured out what my homemade gifts for next year will be. I'll get Christmas done during the summer!

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