Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Was a Good Christmas!

We did Christmas a day early since we would be waking up and leaving on Christmas morning. I figured the kids needed a day at home to play with all their new stuff. :) It worked out really great and we even saw a few snowflakes! Glad we decided on a day early.


The kids woke up and found their stockings stuffed and hanging on their door knobs. They grabbed them and ran into our room and joined us in bed. Liza and Jason were really cute opening their stocking gifts and they were excited about every little thing.

We then read about the birth of Jesus and headed out to the kitchen to sing happy birthday to Him and have some cake.

IMG_9698 1

And then they tore into their presents. :)

IMG_9710 1

IMG_9712 1

IMG_9737 1

IMG_9740 1

IMG_9752 1

We had a really great day and Christmas was lots of fun this year. Hope yours was too!

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