Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jason's Wish List

These are some things that Jason is getting for Christmas. He doesn't know it though. I never ask my kids what they want. They wouldn't know how to answer anyways. You should have seen Liza blank, confused look the other week when her teacher asked what she wanted for Christmas. She had no idea what to say. Anyways... I walked through the stores until I had enough for Jason.


I don't feel like he is quite ready for the computer type things out there for kids but this seemed like a lot of fun. I'm hoping he likes it. Afterall it's racing and he gets really excited when Daddy passes trucks on the highway. :) And hey... what mom doesn't like the idea of mixing education and fun!?!



Jason never gets games because Liza is older and gets them all and then we have them. I thought he might like to get a game to call his own. We love the simple games and often Liza and Jason get them figured out well enough that I will find them in one of their rooms playing together. It's cute.


I'm not sure who will be more excited about this... Mike or Jason!? Boys and remote control cars. If Jason loves it I might have to go buy an extra one for Mike so they don't have to take turns. :)


I actually don't remember which one we got him. I finished shopping a few weeks ago and the stuff is all stored at my in-law's because I have no hiding places. I considered hiding the stuff in my closet but it's a good thing I didn't because Jason was playing hide and seek one day and hid in my closet... and peed while in there. Ugh! But I digress... he's getting some kind of pillow pet.

And some slippers too. I can't remember what kind of those we bought either. Yeah... we are materialistic here.

Anyways... the kids are getting some other random things like piggy banks because it's time to learn about money (and giving/saving/spending) and some large coloring books. And the ugly dolls I made for them!

Christmas is a  wierd thing. I try really hard to come up with things that the kids will like but you never really know if they are going to like the things you get for them.

I guess I'll know in just under two weeks!

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