Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Live in Such a Way...

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Our lives as Christians are supposed to reflect Christ.

I've never been one to put things in my "about me" section like "I'm a Christian" or "Daughter of the King" or "I love Jesus more than anything." Is that wrong? Absolutely not! But the reason I don't write those things is because I hope that my life screams "I'M A BELIEVER!"

I want people to be able to know by my actions, by my attitude, by my words that I follow God. 

I want people to just know. Whether they spend five minutes with me or years. I want them to walk away thinking "she must know Jesus."

I want to grow to a point where everything in my life points back to God. I want to be consumed with living for Him. Doing His will. Pleasing Him.

And my hope is that my life will point people to God and they will come to know Him because they knew me.

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