Friday, December 2, 2011

Meeting Melissa!

Every once in a while I do something random and spontaneous.

Like the time I got a tattoo. Or the time when I went from having really long hair forever... the down to my bra strap kind of long... to super short within inches of it's life hair. Dying my hair blue was also spontaneous. As was quitting college with six weeks left.

So for those who really know me it didn't really phase them when I decided that it was cheaper for me to fly Mel (from Little Mrs. Married) up here to visit me than it would be for me to go there and within a day had bought her a ticket.

I do things like that.

After at least six years of having a friendship online and emailing constantly...

IMG_8945 1

I picked Mel up from the airport last night!

Kim (from a Fresh Perspective) came along for the ride. Kim is someone I met in real life but also blogs. :) She's really great! And a huge thanks to her because when she learned of my plan to bring Mel here she chipped in a good chunk of the plane ticket. Kim is awesome like that!

IMG_8946 1
I'm looking forward to having all kinds of fun this week! Of course, I hope I can catch up on some sleep sometime. We didn't get home till about midnight last night. I don't do late nights and of course the kids had to wake up extra early this morning.
Liza is sleeping on an air mattress on the floor right next to my bed so that Mel could have her room. Way too early this morning I felt a little hand on me. When I acknowledged it Liza asked if she could come into my bed with me. It was 6:50. Ugh.

I told her to go back to bed.

Now... our walls are insanely thin. They are actually closet doors all lined up and they hold no noise from escaping. If you talk in a normal voice it sounds the same in the next room. Fun right!? Ugh.

So I told Liza to go back to bed and then I heard Jason.

JASON: I want to snuggle!
ME: No one is snuggling Jason. Go back to bed.
JASON: But I wanna snuggle. (whine)
ME: It's still sleepy time. No one is snuggling. Go back to bed.
JASON: But can I get an animal?
ME: No. Go back to bed.
JASON: But people can't snuggle alone!
ME: Jason, go back to sleep or I will come take your soft shorts.
JASON: (grunts a bunch)


I have the winning card. The soft shorts thing works every single time because the boy loves his soft shorts.

Well, we have lots to do today so I need to get rolling.

Hooray for bloggie friends that become real friends. :)

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