Sunday, December 4, 2011


When I first started blogging (years ago!) I tried Xanga. Anyone remember that? I hadn't been using it too long when another blogger said she was moving to Myspace because that was where everyone was. I checked it out and moved there too.

One thing I really liked about Myspace was the groups. I wasn't working at the time and ended up going into the different groups and forums and finding people that needed some encouragement. That's when I met Melissa (who now blogs at Little Mrs. Married.)

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I kept seeing her in the groups and there were several times that I spotted comments by her and thought "That's what I was going to say!" 

Then one day I had a message from Mel. She basically said something along the lines of "I keep seeing you in the forums and I'll be scrolling to the bottom to respond and when I stop and read what you wrote I realize I don't have to respond because you said what I was thinking! Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi!"

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And that's how it started. Over six years ago. Before I had kids and before she was married.

Pretty sure we've been emailing regularly (as in daily or several times a day) since that first email from Mel.

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So here I am in PA. And there she was in LA. And over the years she became a best friend. We shared everything over those emails!

Eventually we started saying things like "someday when I meet you..." or "someday when you come here..."

Then it became "I'm gonna fly down there some day!"

I actually was planning to go last March but then my sister got married in March... in Florida... so I had to spend my money to go there instead.

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But we were still serious about meeting up some time. It was just a matter of money and the right timing. About a month ago I decided that it was cheaper to fly her here then it would have been for me to go there and right now she is sitting here with me in my living room. :) She's watching Lightning McQueen with the kids because she hadn't seen it yet. I've seen it a gazillion times so I'm editing pics and writing this post up.

IMG_9207 1

Of course I wondered if it would be weird since we have always just talked through emails. I did call her a few times while setting up the trip but really... it's been emails for six years! I was nervous that we might not be able to just talk easily in person.

But when Melissa came down the escalator at the airport and did her little excited wave I knew things would be just fine. And they have been. It all feels so normal... like I've known her forever... probably because six years of friendship is kind of forever for me since that would be my longest friend ever. 

IMG_9210 1

We've got a few more days together and some friends and I are already talking about taking a trip to LA next year. It's gonna happen!

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I'm pretty sure that some of the greatest girls are bloggers!!!

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