Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Fun With Friends

You guys!!

I honestly have some really great friends and we have some really great times together. My heart is so full and even though it was a jam packed week and I had a guest staying at my house I feel completely at rest. Tired. But at rest.

I like this place. This is what the true "rich" must feel like.

 IMG_9175 1

On Sunday Mel and I met up with Rainey and Kim to see Footloose. It was at our cheap theater and it was either do that or stay home and watch some football. Footloose was by far the better choice. I absolutely loved the movie and I've had Pandora set to the footloose station ever since. And I want to dance.


After the movie we headed downtown and did a little photo shoot. While I gave Melissa some lessons in shooting in manual...

IMG_9210 1

...Kim gave Rainey some lessons in posing...

IMG_9201 1

IMG_9203 1

And then we just got goofy... cuz that's what we do.

IMG_9216 copy

IMG_9217 1

 IMG_9165 1

IMG_9173 copy

IMG_9218 1

But really... I love these girls!

IMG_9164 1

IMG_9171 1

IMG_9174 copy

IMG_9196 1

IMG_9187 copy

I had such a fun FUN week with Melissa. I'm sad that I have to wait a while before I see her again but sometime in January or February of 2013 (only a little over a year away!) I will be going to visit her. It's basically already fully planned in my mind and I just need to wait to buy a plane ticket. I'm going. And while there I am going to meet some more awesome bloggers!

Because meeting awesome bloggers is my new favorite thing!!

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