Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Giving Tree

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I did the Giving Tree for the first time last year. The idea came to me while doing the Thankful Tree. I'm going to share with you how we do the Giving Tree and how I make it.

If you saw how I made the Thankful Tree last month I did the same thing just with a different kind of tree. I reused the background and then I set up my work space.

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Yeah... I prefer to work on the floor. Always have. Probably because there is always more room.

Tape a couple of papers together and sketch out your tree. (I used this tree because I'm no good at making things up in my mind.)

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Cut your tree out and tape it to your green felt. Then cut the tree out again.

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Cut a trunk and star. And then cut out some ornaments. I just drew some on paper, cut them out and traced them on the felt.

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Ta-da! A Christmas tree that we call our Giving Tree.

Here is how we use it...

We leave a basket and marker by the tree. Any time you do something nice for someone (give!) you take an ornament and write what you did on it. Then you place it in the basket.

It's so easy to get swept away in all the wrong reasons for Christmas and forget what it's truly about. Jesus was the greatest gift ever given to this world and when we take time to take the focus off of ourselves and do something good for others it's one small way that we can give back

The idea is that all of our giving will make Jesus' bed all soft for him when Christmas morning comes.

On December 25th the kids will wake up and baby Jesus will be in his basket (manger ha!) and we will have cake for breakfast and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. THEN the kids can open their presents.

It's how we do it.

And I hope that it carries on forever and ever.

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