Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photography Tip: Christmas Bokeh

I have been meaning to  hang some Christmas lights around my living room but I haven't got to it yet because I've been using my lights for photography purposes instead. I think I'm having more fun with them that way!

I saw an idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.

I clothes pinned strings of light to my curtains. It would become my background. Then I put one of my kids about eight or so feet in front of the lights. The distance is necessary to get some bokeh. The further away the background is, the more blur you should get. I used my 50mm lens because I can get a lower aperture with it.

I also had to use my external flash. I turned it down and bounced it off the ceiling. If I didn't do this the faces would have been full of shadows since they were backlit (by the Christmas lights.) I needed some light coming from the other direction to even things out.

I had a lot of fun with this and I am so glad that my kids cooperated because I LOVE the pictures!

(Note: There are a ton more of Liza because Jason was only cooperative for about .2 seconds.)

IMG_9648 copy

IMG_9654 copybw2

Stunning little girl!
IMG_9620 copybw

IMG_9593 1

IMG_9597 1 copy

IMG_9605 copy

IMG_9653 copy

IMG_9609 copybw

IMG_9621 copy

IMG_9656 1

Now go play with Christmas lights!!

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