Friday, December 30, 2011

Success With the Sugar Thing!

So... not too long ago I shared about my sugar addiction and how I would not be eating sugar for a year. And then Christmas came and I would be spending a week at my Mom's house.

What you need to understand about spending days at my Mom's is that she will feed you well. And there will be sweets. Lots of them. In fact there has been a dessert mountain on the counter since the day I got here and every time you think the cookies might be getting eaten up they seem to replenish themselves. There are cookies of every kind, chocolates, sweet rolls, pies, pumpkin bread, chocolate covered pop corn. The amount of sweets that have been consumed this week in this house is unreal!

But I'm happy to say that not one bite was consumed by me!!

I've stayed away! Sure, it's been tempting. Yes there have been times where I walked by and out of habit almost dipped my hand in a bag of something but I always caught myself. I need to retrain my mind when it comes to sweets. I'm doing just that... one day at a time.

Now don't get the wrong idea... I still haven't ate amazingly well and I still need to cut my portions and make other big changes... but if you've ever been to a house like my mom's at Christmastime you will understand how huge of a deal it is to avoid eating the sugar.

Also! I've been exercising every morning! I have not skipped one day. Not even Christmas. I'm now on day 8 of level 2 of the Shred and I'm feeling pretty good! Level 2 is really hard and my shoulders want to cry every day but I keep going. My mom has been doing the Shred with me and Mike and my sister joined in a few times. Some of them because they feel it is necessary to do SOMETHING due to the amount of food they have been eating. But me... I've been doing it because that is what I do now.

I'm making changes. I'm making progress. I'm feeling good. I still have a lot more changes to make though. It will be a long transformation and it certainly isn't going to happen with a lot of sacrifice and hard work but it will all be worth it in the end.

And I have to be honest... what it all really comes down to this week is that God has been good to me. He has given me the strength to say no and walk away from the sweets that I know I love so much. It is because of Him that I have been able to sit in a room full of people eating my favorite cookies and not feel like I am going crazy because I can't have one.

Eventually it will feel normal and it won't be such a struggle. But I'm only about two weeks into this thing and it still takes a lot of thought. Making a lifestyle change is difficult but it is possible!

I know that several of you talked of making changes as well after reading my post on addiction. How are you doing with those changes!?

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