Saturday, December 31, 2011


I've been at my Mom and Dad's for a week now. It's been fun but I'm ready to get back home. I'm tired and I want my own bed.

There was, at one point, 14 people staying in this house. Lots of people crammed into four little bedrooms and some on the floor downstairs. Me, Mike and the kids were all sharing my old bedroom. Mike took the top bunk. Jason was on the bottom. Me and Liza shared an air mattress on the floor.

I made it five years without sharing a bed with one of my kids and I only have one question... How do co-sleepers do it!?!?!

I didn't sleep well.

Of course... Liza is a super great snugger. The girl just wanted to cuddle all the time. The first night I thought it was really awesome when in the middle of the night she scooted right up to my back and snuggled me. I liked it. It made me smile. But it also kept me awake.

The second night she scooted her butt up to my back... and then farted on me. I laughed.

Another night while sleeping on my side with my back to her I felt her shove her little arm under me and flop the other one on top. She stayed like that for a while. I liked it. But it kept me awake.

One morning she was playing with my hair. Problem was that I sleep with it in a pony tail and she was grabbed bits of it and tugging it out. When I asked her what she was doing she said "trying to play with your hair while you sleep." It woke me up.

I'm tired.

And today I go home! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to having my bed back and my husband in it instead of my daughter! We used to kick and punch each other in our sleep but we've had almost nine years together and have worked that out. :)

I think I need to spend a week doing nothing but sleeping and sitting at Panera. Of course that's not going to happen. Thank goodness Mike has to work tomorrow morning so going out tonight isn't even an option. We'll be ringin' in the new year by sleeping. 

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