Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Believe in Christmas

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On Christmas we give and get presents, we sing songs, and we decorate our homes. But what is Christmas really about? Is our happy holiday a Holy Day?

Find out why we place the star on the Christmas tree. Imagine Christmas guests as travelers of long ago. And let the beautiful song "Silent Night" fill your mind with pictures of the night Jesus was born. Because Christmas is God's gift to us--and if we look around and remember, we'll learn to see the real Christmas.

This endearing story by bestselling novelist Karen Kingsbury will capture the hearts of children, and parents and grandparents will appreciate the applications they can share.

We Believe in Christmas by Karen Kingsbury is a wonderful little book about the first and real Christmas. It takes the things that we see every day during Christmastime and encourages us to use those things as reminders... reminders of that first Christmas.

And when we sing of silent night,
and some notes are off-key,
picture that true Silent Night,
and there will Christmas be.

Such great little reminders and little openings into conversations with our kids.

If asking for the perfect gift,
that special thing you need,
think of that one Greatest Gift,
and there will Christmas be.

I just love it so much! It makes me think. It makes me go "oh yeah!" I don't ever want to forget.

And if they wish us peace on earth
amid December's weeks,
find the greatest Peace on Earth,
and there will Christmas be.

When we gather round the tree,
 no matter how much glee,
remember that old rugged tree,
and there will Christmas be.

 We Believe in Christmas is a really great book to help keep your family's focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

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