Friday, December 9, 2011

We Heart Kraynak's Christmas Store!

I guess since we now do this every year I can call it a family tradition. It started while Mike was growing up and now we go as a family and usually we go along with his mom and dad.

It's about an hour away and we always eat dinner at the Golden Corral (aka the Golden Trough. The amount of food there is unreal.)

After dinner we head to Kraynak's to check out their Christmas display and do a little shopping.

The Christmas displays are awesome with tons of variety and something for everyone. Whoever does the decorating is talented for sure!

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IMG_9237 copy

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I had just taught Melissa how to shoot in manual mode so I gave her a few pointers and we took our time with our cameras while Mike and his mom went along with the kids.

IMG_9253 copy

Liza and Jason stopped to watch a little bit of the Christmas show playing on the tv.

IMG_9263 copy

IMG_9265 copy

IMG_9271 1

IMG_9282 copy

Kraynak's has pretty much every color, shape and size of Christmas tree that you could think up... including the Steelers tree that is always decorated.

IMG_9288 1

You can find all kinds of ribbon, any color tinsel and the selection of ornaments is more than I can handle.

IMG_9233 1

Kraynak's would be heaven (or bankruptcy) for a snowman lover. Every shape and size. All of them cute as can be!

IMG_9227 1

IMG_9229 1

IMG_9234 1

IMG_9301 1

IMG_9305 copy

IMG_9328 1

IMG_9329 1

You can find pretty much anything you would ever need for your Christmas decorating at Kraynak's. The toy selection is really great too!

IMG_9332 copy

When we are done walking through the entire store we always have to stop at the train section so the kids can play for a minute.
IMG_9335 1

IMG_9337 1

If you live any where near Hermitage, PA you should definitely check out Kraynak's Christmas Store! It's free to look. :)


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