Saturday, December 3, 2011

When the girls get together...

As you all know by now, Mel is in town to visit for a few days. There isn't a whole lot to do around these parts so I tried to make sure we had a few fun things to do.

Let me start by bragging on my husband for a second. He's awesome! Yesterday Mike packed up himself the kids (yes you read that right... HE did the packing by himself because he's  amazing and smart and capable of all things that come with being a daddy) and spent the night at his parent's house so that I could have my girl friends over for a girls night. Yeah... I know. He rocks!!!

SO... I kicked my family out and invited the girls over!

My friend Vicki recently had me over for a soup and bread party. It's a brilliant idea. Everyone brought either soup or bread. Then she told me some of the other food parties she had and I stole her idea. I asked everyone to bring a salad of some kind. We had pasta salads, brocoli salad, green salad, tuna salad, hot chicken salad, dessert salads. There was tons and it was all so good!

The night started out a bit crazy and just kept getting more and more crazy as time passed.

IMG_9080 1

IMG_9094 1

Kim had the genius idea to pick up some awesome glasses while at the dollar store and she brought them along.

So funny.

So. Funny!

I just love all these girls so much! And as I looked around the room last night I realized I've met almost all of them in different ways and places. Let me introduce you to the girls...

Kim B- I met her when I was invited to join her book club two years ago. Showed up at her house for the book club Christmas party and we've been friends ever since.

Karen- We met in college.

Melissa- We met through the internet.

Lindsey- Recently moved to town and showed up at the Bible study I go to at my church.

Kim V- Met her at the gym during aerobics classes. After a bit of talking we realized we had tons in common and started finding ways to hang out outside of the gym.
IMG_9022 1

Beth- Someone invited her to join one of my Bible studies a while back. 
IMG_9041 1

Vicki- She came to the Bible study at my church this year.

Jen- She was my neighbor for six months (best neighbor ever) and then she ditched me to move into her brand new house.

Rachel- My sister-in-law.

Amy- We just met recently. I had to friends (that don't know each other) tell me withing a week that I should meet Amy. So I set it up and we met. And I like her. (She's the one of the left.)
IMG_9024 1

Rainey- I first (briefly) met her at Rachel's wedding shower. Then one day I was sitting at Panera and I saw her walk in. I said hi and she came over and sat with me while waiting for Rachel to show up. We've been talking ever since.

I love putting all my friends from different places into one place. It has always worked out well and is always a complete blast. We ate. We talked. We played games. And we laughed almost the entire five hours.

Pretty sure I woke up with a laughter hangover.

And just because it wouldn't be nice to put up a bunch of pics of my friends looking like dorks and not add any of myself... here are a few...





So there ya go... girls night... completely sober.
Most fun ever!

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