Monday, January 2, 2012

And You Thought Christmas Was Over...

Guess what!??

My blogoversary is January 3! And that is good news for you because that means it is GIVEAWAY WEEK here at A Hearty Overflow!

I've been stationed here at blogger for three years now. Sure I had a name change along the way but it's still the same place and I love to celebrate my loyal readers and fans (haha! Fans. I like to humor myself) by giving back.

If you haven't heard... gifts is my love language. Me giving gifts is me saying I love you.

The theme for all of my giveaways are "These are a few of my favorite things". Each day this week I will announce a new giveaway of one of my favorite things. Each giveaway will be open for about two days. (I will let you know when each one will end.) Winners will be announced on the blog. And you can enter every one ONCE. You do not have to have a blogger account to enter but if that is the case you will want to leave your name so I know who you are.


Any questions?

Good. Let's get started!

Today I am giving away one water bottle like this...

But it's red instead of pink.

Water is one of the few options for me as a drink and I drink it all the time... IF I remember to bring along my water bottle. I actually have about five of these and you will almost always see me with one. I take them everywhere. They have been dropped and squashed several times but they still last. Nice and sturdy... with a wide mouth making it easy to get any drink in there and some ice. :)

To enter the giveaway answer this question:

What is the drink you drink the most?

Are you a water drinker like me? Or do you always go for the pop (soda??) or coffee or sweet tea? Or maybe you are forever dehydrated.

One entry per person.

Winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday.

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