Friday, January 13, 2012

Bladen... 6 Months

Last weekend I met up with my friends Keith and Sarah to continue with the gift that I gave them at their baby shower... Lot's of pics of their baby boy for the first year of his life.

This time it was the 6 month old shoot.

6 MONTHS! And boy has he grown! It's hard to believe this is the same Bladen that was only five pounds the first time I met him! He's such a sweet little boy with the cutest of smiles.

And I am totally enjoying taking his pictures! My goal was to bless my friends with pictures at no cost while I would get some practice. I learn more and more with every shoot. I'm becoming more comfortable with my little setup of my made up portable studio of blankets and random things from around the house. And I'm also getting better with my flash. At least I think so. And gosh! It's fun to watch babies grow!

I've been taking the same props for each shoot with Bladen so they can have a series at the end and compare photos to see his growth over time. :)

Anyways... here are his 6 month old pictures. Super cute!

IMG_0330 copy

IMG_0418 copy

IMG_0349 copy

IMG_0399 copybw

IMG_0335 copy

IMG_0341 copy

IMG_0363 copy

IMG_0408 copy

IMG_0409 copy

IMG_0386 copy

IMG_0336 copy

 IMG_0327 copy


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