Monday, January 16, 2012

Feeling Professional

I have been getting called a lot lately about photography. Word is getting around. People are seeing pics that I did for others. My name is getting out. And people are asking.

I still say no a lot... and it feels like I say no even more now that more people are calling. Photography is still a hobby for me and I'm not ready to go all out with a business or anything. One reason is that I don't want to do that yet. Another is that I don't have the equiptment I would need to do that. And another reason is I just wouldn't have the time right now.

But someday... maybe someday. I do have dreams. In the meantime I'll keep taking some shoots here and there that allow me to continue to practice and learn. I'll read more books. I'll take some more classes.

I'll always love photography and I love the joy that comes with giving someone that picture that they will treasure forever.

Because it's a hobby I'm not real professional about things. I often sarcastically say while laughing at myself "I know! I'm sooo professional!" You know... while handing out a generic note that says "so-and-so has permission to print these photos" written on an index card.

A few years ago my friend Kim tried to get some pictures printed somewhere that I took for her and they wouldn't let her without a note. I wrote something along the lines of "Kim has permission to print any pictures I ever take for her forever."

I know! I'm soooo professional!

The other day someone called me about possibly doing a wedding. Shooting a wedding IS on my 2012 to-do list and after a few questions I decided it would be a good fit and we agreed to meet at Panera to talk further.

And in that moment I was all "OH! That's kind of professional!"

I see couples meeting photographers at Panera all the time to discuss prices, options, etc. You know... the whole interviewing thing to see if that's who they want to go with.

And today that was me. :)

I sat down with my computer and showed them pictures from past weddings I have done and talked about all kinds of things wedding day and how photography would go and what I am capable of and prices and all those things.

It was fun! A step in the right direction for me.

And then she asked "Do you do a contract or anything if we go with you?"

"Well I haven't. But I can if you would like that."

I know! I'm soooo professional!

And then I handed her a business card for my "other business" because that's all I have right now.

Baby steps. Baby steps. Remember... it is still just a hobby for me.

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