Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Not About Skinny

I've been exercising and I've been eating well. I talk about it a lot so people know it's going on. But for me it's not about skinny.

Yes. I have some weight to lose. Yes I get excited when I do lose a pound. Yes there is a number that I have in mind that would be my healthy, ideal weight.

But it's not about skinny.

It's about HEALTHY.

There are plenty of skinny people that are far from healthy.

A while ago I posted this on FB in a moment of frustration...

"So... I searched 'healthy' on pinterest hoping to find some recipes and inspiration. I found a few of those things but also saw lots of pics of super skinny girls. The reality is that you can look great in a bikini and still be unhealthy. There is more to it than your weight and how you look on the outside."

For me this journey is not just about a number on the scale or the size of my pants. It's about being healthy. Feeling good. Being fit. Taking care of my body. Eating for the right reasons and eating the right things.

It's about understanding things like this and applying what I learn to my life...

You see... those other times skinny WAS my goal. And what happened once I reached my goal?? I let go of many of the things I had learned and embraced along the way. I've now learned from my mistake and I am changing my focus. I will focus on healthy. Skinny can be the bonus that comes along with it but it is not my goal.

I am making great changes and I am feeling really good about it. Changing habits and forming new ones when it comes to your health takes time, sacrifice and educating yourself. I'm doing those things. I'm tired of living the way I was. I'm tired of how I had been feeling about myself. I like the glimpses of healthy that I have had and it motivates me to keep going.

This is my journey and I have to do it my way. I found my way while praying and letting God speak to my heart about changes that I need to make. I hope you take the time to find your own journey and let God speak to your heart about changes you can make. I hope you make your focus healthy and not skinny. I hope you are successful.

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