Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We live in a world where people don't know what commitment means. A world where people give up at the slightest hint of trouble. A world where all that people seem to care about is themselves and what makes them feel good.

And that is why I consider myself a very lucky girl because somewhere in the mix I found a treasure. I found a guy who is committed and cares about things beyond himself.

Today Mike and I celebrate nine years of marriage.

For better or worse... Mike has loved me through all the messes of our life and he's not going anywhere. He's seen me at my worst and we've been pretty low together at times. But we worked at it. We worked hard!

Because it's worth it. HE'S worth it! And the simple fact that he is still with me tells me that I am worth it too.

me and mike 011

me and mike 031-1

me and mike 027

me and mike 052




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