Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh VeggieTales.

We are lovers of all things VeggieTales. Liza and Jason love the characters and the stories. Just this morning as Mike was helping me get the kids in the car Liza and Jason decided that they could be Bob and Larry and Mike and I were two Frech Peas. Lovely. :)

So on to the story...

Today I volunteered in Liza's class and the Bible story was about Moses and the burning bush. The mom who did the storytelling today then mentioned how next week the story was going to be about all the miracles that God did while the people were leaving Egypt and that while they were running from the Egyptians God parted the water and they walked across on dry land.

After story time was over Liza walked up to the story teller and all serious said "In my movie it snowed."

The adults in the room were a little confused so I was glad that I was there to explain.

The VeggieTales movie Mo and the Big Exit was done as a Western. It's super cute and I like it. Instead of crossing the sea (which would have made sense) they are out in the dessert and they have to cross this area that is sooooo HOT that it would be impossible. And that's when they looked and saw that God had made it snow and they walked across that area with no problems.

Hooray! The Isrealites were safe from the Egyptians!

But Liza is slightly confused.

I guess we need to work on the REAL story of Moses a little bit. :)

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