Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Fun!

It's been a weird winter! Last year it snowed pretty much nonstop. This year it's like I'm begging for snow but it never comes.

Until this past weekend. We woke up one morning to about six inches of beautiful, white snow! Good thing we got the kids outside to play in it because it was pretty much gone two days later.

IMG_0573 copy

We bought the kids little kid-sized shovels and it was money well spent. Jason LOVES his! He always wants to shovel the driveway and when that doesn't need done he will just go around shoveling the yard.


IMG_0594 copy

IMG_0572 copy

IMG_0571 copy

And Liza... well she had spent the night at my in-laws and came home with a fun new hat.

I can't look at her wearing it without laughing. It's just too funny.


IMG_0623 copy

IMG_0577 copy

IMG_0578 copy

My kids are growing up and getting sooo BIG! I think that's why I love these last two pictures most...

Jason made a snow angle...

IMG_0627 copy

and when he sat up he was stuck and couldn't get up. He looked at his daddy and said "I need help getting up!" And when I look at this picture he still looks like my little boy.

IMG_0634 copy

I hope it snows some more this winter!

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